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My current best choice based on my daily Due Diligence and my height years of experience, for the freshest and most quality HYIPs with which is more likely the achievement of profit at this moment! The list is checked and eventually updated at least twice a day, morning and night, Time UTC +1. You can find it here anyway! Please, take a further look before you invest!




1. My current best choice of Short-Term HYIP to invest now!

Currently there are no profitable programs in this section. Details

2. My current best choice of Medium-Term HYIP to invest now!

Rockwell Partners: Started March 06, 2014. We think that this Admin managed a very successful HYIP for about 10 months in previous years, with a project maybe a little more stable than this. Average interest paid so far by Rockwell-Partners is 2.1/2.2%. I consider it as medium-term because the withdrawal at anytime, the fairly high interest and the lifetime. Aim for 40/50% profit.Details

Thai Monetary: Started Oct 29th, 2013. Consider as long-term for rates and structure. Though near expiration second cycle of 80 days, I think it is capable of at least another entire cycle. Recently general improvement of the program. 2/3 attempt to 20 days plan still can do starting from now, in accordance with our recommended strategies on short-medium term HYIPs. Details

3. My current best choice of Long-Term HYIP to invest now!

Fund Barter: Started Dec 13, 2012. Despite the start date it is to be considered as new. Recently came out of "hiding", an old strategy always valid, in mid-April, with new plans and above all a unique and professional design, already used previously with success. The percentages are quite high but I think that making now the deposit, the risk of losing is not high considering the bep after 32/37 days in the praticable plans. Details

4. My current best choice of Hourly-Term HYIP to invest now!

Currently there are no profitable programs in this section. Details

5. Hyip no longer recommended though still paying!

FinMutual: Started July 26, 2013. Improved day by day features and ambitions, recently It has verified all of its accounts, and this may be important: you cannot have a great business without. His plans are well studied: balanced, sustainable and attractive. I think, following the development, that their booming and possible departure is still far. Details
Update: May 20, 2014. The program is paying and still growing slowly, but I think if only for statistical purposes it's difficult to reach a satisfactory profit from now.

AcroFx: Started Dec 21, 2013. Above average hyip, is having a slow growth and their plans are sustainable for long. I think it's safe for 1 cycle and maybe for another their 1st plan, 1.4% for 30 calendar days, or one attempt to 2nd plan 1.5% for 45 calendar days, in comparison with the other plans with longer periods but that require the same minimum and therefore are accessible and can be expected, actionable for many, giving stability to the program. Details
Update: March 19, 2014. It is time to go out from this investment after 3/4 cycles with 44/66% profit.
Update: May 03, 2014. The program has started paying selectively.

6. No Longer Paying. Do not to invest here!

VaBank: Started March 27, 2014. Unique design with H-Script license (Russian developers). Vabank is the newest site run by these Admins at this time, and also to better structured and more profitable, in our opinion. In fact, we have almost certainty of the other two sites that are currently paying, respectively 3/6 weeks oldest, both long-term and low-profit. Details.
Update: May 22, 2014. Delay of payment, not istant. Wait to invest.
Update: May 23, 2014. Payment still pending.

GramStock: Started March 13, 2014. Excellent hyip such as technical data and general features. I do not think they are Russians, but the fact that they do not neglect this language in their website, multilingual, and in the newsletters en/ru, demonstrate that they know where to turn. The plans, all of 15 working days, are well-balanced and sustainable. Judging from the development of the program is still possible several, 2/3, cycles of investment, provided you go in (soon) and out in the right time and with moderate amounts. Details
Update: May 09, 2014. It is time to not reinvest. I think it can do better the next. Wait for him.
Update: May 20, 2014. Scam now! Alert for the next project of this Admin.

ApexBinary: Classic long-term. Started Dec 02, 2013. Recent change in design (better), continue the instant payments. Obviously time of profitability still pretty safes is reducing. Still recommendable 2/3 months of deposit then early withdrawal (30% fee) for 30/40% profit that is the recommendable goal for the hyips online. Details
Update: May 06, 2014. It is time to go out from this investment. Some bad signal such as slow site, payment saved etc.
Update: May 03, 2014. is now turned into Scam. Lookout for the next as long as you invest soon. more.

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