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Apr. 26, 2013
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Earning Alliance is a new long-term program added to Hyip Council. This Hyip started on the main Forums March 28, 2013 that 29 days ago. It offers 4 investment plans for 180 business days, with interest rates from 1.25% to 2.15% and the initial amount from $ 10 up to $ 15,000. The principal is returned for each plans with a profit from 225% to 387%. It also offers three levels of referrals: 4% - 1.5% - 1%. As e-currency accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and Bank Wire (Min. $5,000).

Basic 1.25% daily starting from $10
Advanced 1.50% daily starting from $1,000
Professional 1.80% daily starting from $5,000
Deluxe 2.15% daily starting from $15,000

It may be noted that the terms plans are pretty tight with each other, both as the interest rate that the initial amount for each plan, and they remain quite affordable, certainly up to the third. This could entice to compounding (not recommended), to achieve the highest interest and this fact may increase the stability of the program, at least until the end of the first cycle of investment, that is about 250 calendar days, more or less between 7 months from now. You could have, by investing now, 80-100% of net profit in the Basic plan, without calculating the deposit, which in HYIP, no returns almost never back in full. The only option you have is to request in advance, when possible, by paying a fee higher or lower, and for amounts not too much high, thing certainly to do, as we have explained in elsewhere Newsletter, when it is estimated that the remaining interest until the probable end of the program, for example at the end of the 180 days, it is less than the sum that would be paid back. The Admin program do not lose much while you put yourself away from other risks and also you can reinvest the amount in a more recent HYIP.

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One of the best of 2013?
Our Due Diligence
We can certainly say that the Earning Alliance plans still are sustainable in any case and even considering the good quality of the project, the program came to be one of the best and most long-lived of 2013. This is at least our forecast, after a thorough Due Diligence, always refers to the field of HYIP, of course. I want to add two more words on this occasion right on it and why they did convince to invest Earning Alliance and make it the subject of this newsletter, which goes directly to hundreds of investors. In addition to the verification of the server hosting (Softlayer Technologies), protection antiddos (, Protection of connection through SSL provided by Comodo, safe Script (GoldCoders Licensed), Unique Template that make Earning Alliance a program of medium-high quality, our DD goes to analyzes the site in all aspects, even those apparently less important.

Design and Text
We give a lot of importance to the overall structure of the site in order of Design, Layout and Content. A HYIP designed to achieve high levels of gain and oriented to reach investors outside of the usual circuit, which began to know this world, they look especially at this sort of thing to gain confidence in the site and to make their own choices. Original template, layouts, images and colors, pleasant and with a good impact, texts not seen and reviewed and in good English, even though credible in the activities and in the background declared. Of course must be free of gross errors of text, spelling and grammar, that indicate haste and lack of professionalism and certify most of the time a fast Scam.

Banners and Site icon
Even the banners are very important. Most of the time they are part of the kit Design Template, in any case must be professional, pleasant that catch the eye and never free, or cheap.
Another small detail, but important to us, is the site icon that appears at the top bar of our browser. Each site that is considered important and wants to pass it on to their visitors, do not neglect this particular, which is one of the first business card that appear to our eyes, and that it must be original and somehow identification of the site.

Support, Referrals, E-mail and Feedback
One other aspect is that we always check is the live-chat, that when there is only excuse is a bad thing which could give many investors as a sign of low reliability and neglect. In the case of Earning Alliance we found that there is always an operator online and responded kindly to some of our demands. Similarly we have verified their Facebook page, it is quite chee followed and cared for, with updates and news program. The ticket system, if efficient and cared for is important to qualify the seriousness of a project and should be verified with all the necessary feedback of the case. As well as we test ever the Password Reminder. A small red flag when he replies "Your e-mail found .. etc, whatever we type. We always do a registration with a different IP with our ref-link, and we wary of sites that do not immediately communicate via email with all the details, ie name, username and email address. Important are the emails and feedback since the registration, which must also be assessed by the origin headers, for verification of the IP, server hosting and ddos protection.

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Advertising Investments
Earning Alliance is implementing, we believe, the right advertising campaign for a long term program oriented to become a possible Number One, now that many of the big of the hyip industry seem to have reached the end of their careers, see Felmina and also Benson Union that seems in trouble. Indeed it is appropriate for this kind of Hyip a slow and steady growth, as they need to stay on the market for more than 1-2 cycles or at least 8-10 months, as their purpose is to attract substantial investments from new investors generated in continuous cycle from the Internet, which we know is still in great growth. Many of these investors then following the "rip-off" leave, but many wised up by the experience begin to invest in HYIP in more appropriate way, and so the cycle continues. It is quite evident that a massive advertising campaign can lead to several investments too close together and can cause difficulties mainly because of the return of the deposits that can bring down a program, before the arrival of large investments that is their primary goal. This is a risk that they can not afford to run. For this reason we believe that the Admin of Earning Alliance, which should be quite expert, has rightly restricted its advertising costs for now to a few large monitors, but we expect a gradual increase between 1-2 months of this advertising, such as banners and sticky thread on the main forums and blogs, Interviews, E-mail marketing, etc.

Have a Nice Weekend

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