Oct 13, 2014

New hyips noteworthy:
Onestability. Started Oct. 10. Good level of quality and costs, script Goldcoders, ddos protection by a Blacklotus subsidiary, decent design, B2 Net Solutions hosting. The plan 5% for 30 days would be not bad, but it is very likely that this  is the recent scam unprofitable, sentinels-x, despite the different scripts and design, Goldcoders vs H-script. But we know that $145 for GC or only $100 for H-S is affordable for anyone. However one attempt soon is possible considering the promotion on main websites and the BEP in just 20 days.

Updating programs:
Apsgroupltd.com start giving problems and pays only monitors friends and small amounts. This program has had several predecessors, for sure ebuildwealth, good program, 100-120% net profit, and almost certainly eibankers, 1-day program, paying for 70 days, it also good, but now scam even if still online. In any case it is a growing admin’s project and it is reliable for the next program, but not for large sums, <$ 500, in my opinion.


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