November 24, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: Yet another remake of a HYIP profitable in the recent past, oilrigcontractors. Although seemingly valid for structure and costs, similar programs, almost always are an attempt to rapid hoarding of money by exploiting the popularity gained, without implementing the steps and time required (promotions and paying period) and scamming soon. Do not invest or quickly hit and run.

Updating programs: online for 18 days, 7% daily forever, withdrawal deposit whenever. Supported gradually in major forums and monitors, including MNO with reviews and maybe next interview. Not reliable in my opinion because the unsustainability and unpredictability of the plans for the previous groups of fast scam, wetradewepay, pineverends, cryptoarbs and others, with the same script (shadowsript) server (Secured Servers LLC), promoters. It’s too late to get a sure profit now.

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