November 20, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: is a program just started and apparently ambitious. Actually, I am not convinced as a program of low income, even if the medium-term, 20 days. Design copied, not too strong ddos protection, features such as hit and run programs. However, a fast attempt in the plan 1.5% deposit back after 20 days with moderate amounts, >max $ 200-300, otherwise it is difficult to get it back.

Updating programs: launched for holiday season in December, a new short-term plan 41% net profit in 15 calendar days, that’s much more profitable than the usual plans¬† I think it’s time to get out from it if possible. seems to come to an end, especially after the addition of the new hourly plan, some days ago. Started as “guerrilla” has paid for more than 50 days in the short-term plans. It can be considered for the next project.

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