November 18, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: Admin started the new project, the former, which would guarantee the same result, ie 15-20 days paying. Online for 11 days now, not reliable for several reinvestments.

Updating programs: is working and paying HYIP from 09 July, following other projects with mixed fortunes. (int-wm, wg-invest, Vabank) with plans equivalents, short-term, low-rate. The success of these projects has not yet been amazing and did not allow great profits, but even large losses. We’ll see if this time Satindra allow good profits in order for a deposit in the next project of this Admin, because they are the good projects that seems to improve one after another. although still online is scam a few days, after paying for a month. We’ve already said about this program and its Admin, considered reliable for a number of reinvestment in 1-3 days plans. You could easily have 30/40% profit, with amounts not too high, max $ 2/300, in my opinion. More was very risky. Wait for the next.

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