December 16, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: is the new project sponsored by MNO with a presentation a few days ago and now the usual interview. I have reason to believe is former admin, not profitable HYIP some time ago, with the same script surfscriptpro, hosting and similar plans. Though it seems to me he is an admin with some ambition, for now it is still not reliable. Let’s see how it goes this last project.

Updating programs: is paying for 150 working days, which is 120-150% profit so far. This is the kind of long-term program where you can invest with confidence immediately after launch. Hard to lose money with projects like this set.

December 15, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: and are two of several programs that we are launching at this time utilizing only bitcoin. I distrust those not using PerfectMoney and other ecurrencies, as it is still the most widely used in HYIP and without it is difficult for a program takes off. In the near future anyway Bitcoin could become the currency of reference for the HYIP. is the same admin of these projects. Do not invest!

Updating programs: is already scam after two weeks. I believe that no one has got back the deposit of 14 days. Even the predecessor, did not allow profits. Eventually info on this blog for the next project.

December 10, 2014

New hyips noteworthy:
Atrex Trade. We have good signs that this is the new project of the Admin of (350 days Paying) and eurex-trade (712 days), with plans closer to this last. As with the predecessor we expect a long persistence. This Hyip can be profitable if you invest now.
Updating programs: seems game over. Great program giving substantial profits to many investors. It was not predictable a duration like the famous predecessor,, because the rates considerably higher, 1.2% vs 2.6% in the basic plan, and the terms of deposit return shorter, 90 vs 180 days. You wait for the next that we hope to disclose on these pages.

December 1, 2014 is an almost new HYIP, which began November 24, lower rates than the previous project called lypheor,, unprofitable, paid basic 1.2% for 18 days, profit only for those who have withdrawn the deposit after one cycle (7 days). Same apply to this (14 days) but it is risky as it still seems unreliable.

Updating programs: like its had a good score as very short term program (1-3-day), it has paid for 83 days. Now it seems to be in trouble and could close soon, but it can invest in his next project, in my opinion.

November 27, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: 7% for 27 calendar days. Started 4 days ago the new program launched by MNO blog with shadowscript plans and design similar to several other recent. It is likely that this Admin has multiple licenses for the script $ 495 for the first and obviously significant discount for additional licenses. None of these programs has guaranteed profit to ordinary investors. Gain only possible if you invest in the immediate

Updating programs: We focus this program, IP origin from Iran, given Paying on goldpoll and by monitors Admin that post in forums, but in fact already scam from a few days to ordinary investors, who are the ones to which you must refer to, to judge if a HYIP is Paying or Scam.

November 24, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: Yet another remake of a HYIP profitable in the recent past, oilrigcontractors. Although seemingly valid for structure and costs, similar programs, almost always are an attempt to rapid hoarding of money by exploiting the popularity gained, without implementing the steps and time required (promotions and paying period) and scamming soon. Do not invest or quickly hit and run.

Updating programs: online for 18 days, 7% daily forever, withdrawal deposit whenever. Supported gradually in major forums and monitors, including MNO with reviews and maybe next interview. Not reliable in my opinion because the unsustainability and unpredictability of the plans for the previous groups of fast scam, wetradewepay, pineverends, cryptoarbs and others, with the same script (shadowsript) server (Secured Servers LLC), promoters. It’s too late to get a sure profit now.

November 21, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: New, yet another attempt to re-launch a copy of Rockwell-partners. Similar designs, plans, same promoters of some other fake. Unlike the script, not unique but the cheapest h-script (1 license 100 usd) and the ddos protection, standard The low variable rates do not bode profit.

Updating programs: is a decent project now scam. I studied and declined this hyip as it was part of a group of fast scam programs, and star-dubai. Even this last was no exception 50 calendar days paid off, however, with the possible withdrawal of the deposit after 3 days you could make a profit. Such programs may be considered for the future. as predicted seems to have turned to scam. Remains valid the considerations previously made.

November 20, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: is a program just started and apparently ambitious. Actually, I am not convinced as a program of low income, even if the medium-term, 20 days. Design copied, not too strong ddos protection, features such as hit and run programs. However, a fast attempt in the plan 1.5% deposit back after 20 days with moderate amounts, >max $ 200-300, otherwise it is difficult to get it back.

Updating programs: launched for holiday season in December, a new short-term plan 41% net profit in 15 calendar days, that’s much more profitable than the usual plans¬† I think it’s time to get out from it if possible. seems to come to an end, especially after the addition of the new hourly plan, some days ago. Started as “guerrilla” has paid for more than 50 days in the short-term plans. It can be considered for the next project.

November 19, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: claims to be relaunch, with massive sending emails. Do not trust, it’s a scam that has a bit of time, copy and relaunch old profitable programs, but there is no relevance to them. Same emailer as

Updating programs: is problematic and pays selectively, it seems only a few monitors. He paid for two months 3.2%, 80-90% net profit. Reliable for its next possible project.

November 18, 2014

New hyips noteworthy: Admin started the new project, the former, which would guarantee the same result, ie 15-20 days paying. Online for 11 days now, not reliable for several reinvestments.

Updating programs: is working and paying HYIP from 09 July, following other projects with mixed fortunes. (int-wm, wg-invest, Vabank) with plans equivalents, short-term, low-rate. The success of these projects has not yet been amazing and did not allow great profits, but even large losses. We’ll see if this time Satindra allow good profits in order for a deposit in the next project of this Admin, because they are the good projects that seems to improve one after another. although still online is scam a few days, after paying for a month. We’ve already said about this program and its Admin, considered reliable for a number of reinvestment in 1-3 days plans. You could easily have 30/40% profit, with amounts not too high, max $ 2/300, in my opinion. More was very risky. Wait for the next.